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Sami Direct, an international network marketing brand in the areas of nutraceuticals and cosmaceuticals well known for its Ayurvedic Flagship of products. Though they are a part of Sami Sabinsa Group of companies, Sami Direct’s origins trace back to Kerala. Sami Direct came to Imtell to run a strategic campaign for the opening of their new UAE unit and website development.

IMAlive is a Digital health platform conceptualized and developed by Imtell and owned by Indian Medical Association, Kerala. The objective was to serve public with authentic and relevant health information validated by Doctors and prevent the spread of fake health news and information via digital channels.. IMAlive has shouldered the responsibility to share with people of Kerala the right information in times of flood, disease outbreaks and fake health alerts. IMAlive during active years could attract 5.0 lakh viewers and 30.0 lakhs page within 2 years. The success of IMAlive lies in the fact it brings together under one roof best minds from health, technology, branding and digital space

Dream Flower is a trailblazer among the IVF centres in Kerala. With records such as delivering the first IVF baby in Malabar, the first TESE-ICSI baby and the first Micro-TESE pregnancy North Malabar and Dakshina Karnataka under their belt, Dream Flower is the most sought-after and the most trusted facility in the region. They approached Imtell to revamp their website and run digital marketing campaigns.

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