Adi Shankara Institute of Engineering & Technology is one the pioneering institutes in Kerala to offer value-added technical education in engineering and technology. The first-ever self-financing technical education centre to be awarded the ISO 9001: 2008 certification, ASIET wanted to partner with Imtell to kick start their 2021-22 admission campaign.

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Project Highlights

  • Social Media: Establish an updated social media presence and increase reach
  • Brand Positioning : Position Adi Shankara as the premium institution to offer value added education
  • Digital Campaigns : Showcase the often overlooked academic excellence, achievements and accreditations of the institution

02Our Approach

Adi Shankara already had a substantial viewership and following due to their innumerable alumni. But the challenge was to reach into potential students and their parents who were looking for higher studies options. We wanted to show to them the unique features and promising facilities of ASIET. For that, we planned to create a social media plan that would not just regularly update the existing viewers but also create and engage new viewers on the academic capabilities of ASIET. To place them ahead of their peers, we ran extensive studies on customer persona and user demographics. This gave us insights about how a potential student interact, discover, and engage with content.
Apart from showcasing ASIET’s features, we redesigned and tailored the campaigns to highlight the student benefits. We shifted into a conversational tone to get the facts straight to the student and parent base. Another task was to reflect the ASIET’s spirit on its social media handles. We prepared social media plan for ASIET that included regular updates on recruitment drives, student experiences and campus events.

The Result

We jump-started the admission campaign with a clear strategy. We wanted the students to relate to the content than just seeing the features of ASIET. So we ditched the run of the mill posts highlighting only college features. Our conversational style content and eye-catching designs were successful and, we could see a change in the viewership and the following. Our reels and throwback posts highlighting the college vibe were also received positive results.