Indian Rare Earths Limited is a prestigious a full-fledged government undertaking with marvelous projects and multiple divisions all over India. So we were honored when they chose to work with us.

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Project Highlights

  • Website: Create a high resolution, user-friendly, easy navigation interface that provides a better customer experience.
  • Social Media : Create a social media presence that engages delights and converts.

02Our Approach

IREL came to Imtell with two key objectives. Deliver a first-rate web experience to create traffic that converts. They also wanted to strengthen their social media presence that speaks with clarity in any attempt to tarnish the image of IREL.
We redesigned the website to match their particular needs. We tailored a campaign that speaks directly to the public clarifying all the fake news surrounding IREL at that time. It was the trickiest part. We planned and delivered content that successfully communicate the benefits and solutions they offer to the public.

The Result

IREL’s story was told successfully through the social media campaign. Our design was visually rich and easy to digest for the public. The fresh breath of change in the website also improved the traffic and brand image.