Le Arabia, the Arabic Restaurant, is a chain of restaurants providing authentic Arabic, North Indian, South Indian and Chinese Cuisine. Their approach and dedication are what makes them truly stand out from other restaurants. They consider Le Arabia a truly “Arabic” restaurant honouring many different cooking traditions and interpreting them with creative vision. They are inspired by great artisans in cooking and the philosophy of balance in cuisine. Le ARabia sought support from Imtell to build its brand through a new logo and social media campaign.

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Project Highlights

  • Logo revamp
  • Social media campaign

02Our Approach

Our approach was to capture and reflect the Arabian essence of Le Arabia through the new logo. Our designers focused on typography and font that would reflect the rich Arabian culture and colours that would go nicely along with it. Our digital team was tasked with building a relevant and targeted top-tier social media campaign. We developed a social media strategy that was very specific and brand-led.

The Result

Our target was a broad audience but, more emphasis was on local customers. We directed our campaign strategy from numerous angles. Focusing on the theme of ‘Arabia’, we launched a logo that was received well by the client and audience. Le Arabia was happy with the measurable results they received.