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Right from the birth of the Tru Froot, we have been there – giving it an identity and a unique persona, moulding its dream, vision and values and placing it at the heart of culture. From logo to brand style manual, website, digital conversations to business strategy, Tru Froot is truly our baby.

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Project Highlights

  • Brand Identity: Establishing brand identity and solidifying the brand
  • Brand Story : Creating a brand story that would place the brand at people's heart
  • Content & Social Media :Featuring content that goes with the brand message via multichannel marketing
  • Content, Social Media, Videos & PR : Smart digital content and solutions for overall reach and ROI

Our Approach

Entering into an already over-saturated market was itself a quite challenge for True Froot. Establishing themselves as a competitor against the dominant brands was the next. We prepared a route map and advanced digital strategy for True Froot that started from designing the brand identity and message.

We then focused on creating higher quality, well-optimised content for social media and driving outreach through targeted campaigns. Gradually Tru Froot took a foothold in the market and had a head start in digital presence.

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Happy couple smiling after find out positive pregnancy test in bedroom
Happy couple smiling after find out positive pregnancy test in bedroom

The Result

With increasing reach and visitor traffic every month; Tru Froot started to make more revenue and following. We are still overjoyed and proud to see Tru Froot winning the hearts of people so quickly.