Why should you choose a social media influencer to endorse your brand?

We may know them, we may follow them, or we may even be one of them. Social media influencers are the latest Internet bandwagon of the twenty-first century. Whatever niche you come across, they make their presence felt there. Some of them are as popular as film stars, but wouldn’t even have a single film under their belt. They could be celebrities, professionals, content creators, thought leaders, industry experts or just a regular person with amazing communication skills. They have the ultimate word in fashion, travel, lifestyle and in several other fields. To the public, they are more relatable than celebrities, but what made them this popular? And what is the secret behind their newfound aura?

Why are they so much popular?

The precise explanation for this question is that they succeeded to influence a large number of people and were able to sustain their interest over some time. How do they influence people? Well, their content is much more relatable and engaging than other celebrities or experts. There is no wide gap between the audience and the influencer, they just happen to have authentic knowledge and taste in their areas of interest. We live in a world where social media has almost replaced every other kind of media; there are tons of photos, videos and other content lurking on the internet. But what the audience need is simple, engaging, reliable and relatable content. That is what the influencers simply offer them, bingo.

They are the new trendsetters since people tend to spend more time on social media rather than on the TV. So it is natural that people feel more accustomed to them. These social media stars are easy to follow; their recommendations and tips are more realistic. Another key to their stardom is their dedication to sustaining regular communication with the audience. Because they communicate very often with their followers, they can capture their feedback in real-time. That may be helping them to adapt and reinvent. If they are not very observant with the audience and content, their stardom can perish within days and they seem to be aware of that.

What role do they have in Digital Marketing?

Practically they rule digital marketing now. According to recent surveys, 92% of marketers will turn to influencer marketing campaigns this year. The digital media is crammed with brand adverts and over time, people get confused and lose interest. But when it comes to social media influencers, they are organic and more credible with the brand identity. New trends show that more marketers are after micro-influencers who have much smaller but dedicated followers. The micro-influencers are willing to communicate with their audience, answer their queries and they are more trustworthy and engaging. What you get in return are more reach, potential customers and valuable insights.

They are faster than the celebrities as they usually connect more often with the public. Influencers are the best choice for you to promote your new products, especially if they are lifestyle products. Surveys have proven that they can create an organic demand for the product especially in the audience like teens and youth in a positive way. They can bring in their charm and charisma without hindering the brand identity. Well, that’s some good news for the marketers. In addition to that, they are cost-effective for storytelling than any other marketing medium and they can generate 11 times more ROI than traditional marketing methods. Not good news for celebs though, is it?

Social media influencers are more flexible to work with. However, you must be very cautious while choosing the right influencer for you since the number of followers isn’t a thing now. We can easily get hundreds or thousands of followers overnight with paid promotions. The ROI does not depend upon their celeb status but on the engaging audience. Study popular influencers, their audience and the way they interact with them to get a more realistic view of their fan base.

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