Outclass is an online learning app for high school students. With it’s unique features such as interactive video content library, chapter wise assessments and grading, this Avante Garde app ensures comprehensive learning. We jumped onboard with Outclass with an goal to position the brand as the top learning app for high school students in Kerala.


Project Highlights

  • Social Media:
    Position the brand as the cutting edge, affordable and user friendly app for online learning in Kerala
  • Brand Positioning :
    Expand the reach through Instagram and YouTube

Our Approach

We wanted our social media outreach efforts to boil down to one single thing; ”the best and affordable online learning app for Kerala high school students”. In an industry of cutthroat competition, our first task was to familiarize the brand with potential clients. We ran extensive research to get valuable insights about the potential audience and clients.

With all these insights in hand, we structuralized a strategy for Outclass. Our cutting edge solution was to multiply the reach through multichannel advertising. We were able to double the traffic and increase social media interaction through presenting outclass to the audience through content and stand out designs created based on customer persona.

Outclass Image 22
Happy couple smiling after find out positive pregnancy test in bedroom
Happy couple smiling after find out positive pregnancy test in bedroom

The Result

With a regular social media content plan, we were able to reduce the bounce rates and drop-offs. As a learning app, we put much attention into details such as grammar and style along with communication and strategy. Subsequently, the social media handles saw an immediate rise in engagement.