Dream Flower IVF Centre

Dream Flower is a trailblazer among the IVF centres in Kerala. With records such as delivering the first IVF baby in Malabar, the first TESE-ICSI baby and the first Micro-TESE pregnancy North Malabar and Dakshina Karnataka under their belt, Dream Flower is the most sought-after and the most trusted facility in the region. They approached Imtell to revamp their website and run digital marketing campaigns.

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Project Highlights

  • Website Development : Revamp the website to be more responsive so that patients can register online without any delay
  • Digital Marketing : Run a bespoke campaign that would illustrate the facilities, treatment options and accolades of Dream Flower
  • SEO, Social Media & Videos...

Our Approach

Dream Flower’s achievements and efforts in managing and curing fertility issues were commendable, yet their digital marketing wasn’t winning. We engineered a digital marketing campaign to reinforce the Dream Flower’s message and improve traffic from potential patients. The bespoke campaign had to represent dream Flower and its core values of healthcare expertise and commitment. 

We set out to develop a visual style that represented the bond between mother and child, so that potential audience will find it more interesting and relatable. At the same time, we paid attention to the web design to provide an exceptional user experience. We gave the website a cutting edge medical web design with the flair of personable, warm personality.

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The Result

Our digital marketing campaign was tailored towards an audience we pre-defined through extensive market research. This approach gave a higher opportunity for user engagement. As a result of it, Dream Flower’s reach and engagement increased. The website saw higher conversion rates and increased revenue.