Aster Medcity is one of the best and most advanced healthcare destinations in India. This world-class hospital provides holistic treatment with a multidisciplinary approach. As a frontrunner in healthcare, Aster Medcity wanted to collaborate with Imtell to create a digital and print media presence that showcases their versatility of services and offerings.

ClientAster MedicityShare:

Project Highlights

  • Social Media: A vibrant and resourceful social media presence
  • Print Ads : Informative and appealing print ads & advertorials
  • Digital Campaigns : Tailored campaigns for better engagements & ROI
  • Activations: Interacting verticals for enhanced brand awareness

02Our Approach

Using our expertise and history in managing and transforming the digital & print media presence of healthcare organizations, we designed a marketing plan that justified the reputation and authenticity of the Aster Medcity. Collaborating and conversing with the Aster team in every step, we developed a strategy that involved refreshing and streamlining the existing social media handles with high-quality content and appealing designs. Our solution was to create a digital media presence that complements Aster Medcity’s existing reputation while significantly improve their engagement and brand awareness. We also envisioned establishing a powerful brand image in all age-region groups by stand-out print ads and informative advertorials. Another tricky task was to deliver medical content most appealingly and interestingly.
Social media handles were updated and modified to suit the customer persona and content requirements. In addition to relevant demographic targeting, page engagement campaigns and timing of posts, we also channeled our efforts into positioning the brand as the top healthcare provider and highlight their solid performance and dedication during the Covid 19 pandemic.

The Result

Our multi-channel marketing strategy was productive; the social media handles evolved into brand powerhouses and saw increased engagement, conversion rates and overall heightened brand visibility. Aster now has effective social media channels standing out against its competitors. We did familiarize and translate the Aster care experience to not just the targeted audience but also to a wider global public. The result was better brand visibility, customer retention and conversion rates.