Half Hungry

A group of friends passionate about baking wanted to set up their baking startup offering international quality cakes, cookies and desserts. They wanted to support in creating a delicious and heart winning brand identity. Imtell had several brainstorming sessions and came up with “Half Hungry” which was unique and very distinct from regular cake shop brand names. Half Hungry also covered the range of products that would satiate customers who were looking for between the meal delicacies and confectionaries.

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Project Brief

  • Brand name
  • Brand identity
  • Branded interiors
  • Branded accessorie

Our Approach

We thought more from the perspective of soul bites than usual bites. Hence our design was inspired by emotions such as love, joy, surprises and celebration. The layers were conceptualised as visual metaphors for the business, and colourful strokes depicted layers of various emotions. 

The colours were simple brush strokes in Pantone shades which are delicious and mouthwatering as well as soul-filling. The same elements were tactfully used to create a heart-winning branded environment, collateral, package design, accessories and other stationery. 

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Half hungry 2

The Result

Imtell designed and executed end to end branding including logo, package printing, uniforms, branded shop interiors and so on, and the concept has contributed to the accelerated brand establishment and traction.