IMA wanted to partner with us to embark on a tough and challenging job to transform Kerala into a health first community. Since the digital world is overwhelmed with fake news, their goal could only be achieved through a solid and engaging social media presence. So together, we set out to create a one-of-a-kind social media identity that would establish and claim their authenticity and monotony in healthcare.


Project Highlights

  • Thought Leadership: Establish the brand as an expert and authority and lead the change
  • Website Development : Revamping the website to match the pace of the brand
  • Digital Marketing : Expert digital solution to increase the reach
  • SEO & Magazine Design: Update SEO and create stunning magazine design & content

02Our Approach

IMA were on the lookout for a local partner who could help them with a range of digital activity, from content creation, web portal development, campaign strategy, and brand identity. We excitedly took this golden opportunity to partner with such a humongous healthcare brand.
When we took over IMA, their social media handles were hitting their bottom. We designed a strategy, route map and detailed social media plan for IMA. The whole project was designed, planned and, taken forward with support from 30,000 Doctors from Kerala. We lined up an array of activities, events and engagements to reach all segments of people in Kerala both online and Offline – Digital, Print, PR, Offline Activities, Roadshows, Health Collaborations. IMAlive website, the digital face of IMA, then embarked on its journey to become the most trusted and well-read health portal for global Malayalees.

The Result

It is not very often that we get to work with a socially conscious brand and, it was absolutely rewarding to work for IMA and helping them position as a brand driven by social commitment. With a 360-degree brand approach, we helped position IMA as a socially committed healthcare provider through an integrated and holistic promotional strategy across print and digital platforms.