Indian Medical Association, Kerala Chapter

IMAlive is a Digital health platform conceptualized and developed by Imtell and owned by Indian Medical Association, Kerala. The objective was to serve public with authentic and relevant health information validated by Doctors and prevent the spread of fake health news and information via digital channels.. IMAlive has shouldered the responsibility to share with people of Kerala the right information in times of flood, disease outbreaks and fake health alerts. IMAlive during active years could attract 5.0 lakh viewers and 30.0 lakhs page within 2 years. The success of IMAlive lies in the fact it brings together under one roof best minds from health, technology, branding and digital space

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Project Highlights

Imtell was the digital and knowledge partner of IMALive and developed a dynamic health portal. The portal features interesting segments like expert videos, myth busters, well researched blogs, and latest health news, disease alerts, health status reports and so on. Imtell managed all formats of content and social media handles such as YouTube and Facebook. In a short span of its operations, Imtell managed to publish more than 399 blogs, over 600 new stories, 100+ videos and around 20,000 plus facebook followers. Apart from digital content, Imtell also organized many knowledge networking events for Doctors and public.

Our Approach

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We consolidated a presence through a multi-channel, multi – format approach bridging the gap between medical professionals and patients.


We worked closely with all stakeholders including doctors, hospitals and patients to make Kerala Health First Community

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The Result

IMALive became one of the most trusted channels in a short span.